Updated October 4th, 2014

Cockapoo pups are $500 and up depending on color etc. Call for individual pricing 903-393-2063

Gracie our black cocker spaniel is due to have babies in about 3 weeks. She is bred to Cocoa our poodle male. Honey bred just last week to Tanner for 2nd gen cockapoos. They will be ready for homes mid to late January. We also noticed that Caffey is also coming in season so we should have some nice pups the early part of spring 2015.

Please highlight and copy the application below and e-mail me at the e-mail link below and paste the application into the e-mail and send it to me with your answers. Thank you

Puppy Adoption Application

1. Name _________________________________
2. Address _______________________________________________________________________
3. Phone ___________________________________ Cell ________________________________
4. Children?________________________________ Ages? _____________________________
5. Other Pets? ______________________________________________________________
6. Do you have a current vet or a vet in mind? _____________________________________________
7. Do you work outside the home? ___________________________________________________
8. Are you willing to spend the time to potty train your pup and get up in the night if necessary? __________ young pups may have to get up in the night for a potty break
9. Are you planning to crate train?_________________________________
10. Are you willing to keep in close touch with me as your breeder and call me if you need me and keep me informed of my pups health?__________
I like to know how my babies are doing.
Please answer these questions and e-mail back asap.

Click on paypal link below to make a $200 Puppy Deposit after we have talked.


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